Share Accounts


Primary Share Accounts
This is you ownership share in the credit union. A $25.00 deposit is required to open and to maintain membership.  No membership fees apply!

Special Savings account
This is an additional savings account under your primary account number.  Special savings requires $25.00 to open but has no minimum balance afterward.  $25.00 is required to earn a dividend.

Christmas Savings
Designed to help members save for extra costs during the holiday season, the Christmas savings account has no opening minimum balance.  It does not earn dividends until the balance reaches $25.00.

Savings Safari Accounts
This account is for children through age 12.  It promotes thrift in youth by rewarding them for saving with a prize every time they deposit.  The account can be opened with $10.00 but does not earn dividends until a balance of $25.00 is reached. 

Share Draft (Checking)

The credit union’s share draft account makes checking accounts affordable for anyone.  . 

  • No monthly fee, no minimum balance
  • $25.00 required to open the account
  • Overdraft protection is available from a line of credit or a savings account
  • Visa check cards
  • Earns dividends if the balance stays above $1000
  • Bill Pay and on-line banking available

Sunset accounts are available to our members who are over 55 years old.  This account includes free checks in the basic designs. 

Money Market

The money market account allows three withdrawals each month.  Any additional withdrawals are $5.00 each.  Money market gives a higher earning potential.  This account requires a $2,500.00 minimum balance.

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